Probiotic Purple Eggs!

I love the look and simplicity of these! Definitely going to try! 🙂

Real Food Generation


Chloe and I undertook a little experiment this week to make some Probiotic Purple Eggs. They turned out really well! Brimming with nutrients, the colour was beautiful and these would be fab for parties and/or lunchboxes.

The inspiration was from The Nourishing Traditions Cookbook For Children by Suzanne Gross and Sally Fallon Morell (Weston A. Price). I borrowed a copy from our local library.


This cookbook goes back-to-basics with a focus on nutrient dense foods. A great find and right up our street!

While we had to avoid the wholegrain recipes due to Max’s gluten intolerance, it’s a great book to get your kids involved in the kitchen without the need to bake sweet treats to entice them.

We chose do make some Ruby Eggs (p25) and used a bottle of Raw Sauerkraut Ruby Juice by Be Nourished that I had (by chance) in the fridge. In the…

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